Tips for Controlling Your E Cig Usage

Vaping is an enjoyable experience, that’s why it has taken off in so many countries around the world. Using an e cig can be almost too enjoyable at times, making us use them a lot more than we would a traditional cigarette. There are many e smokers who’ll tell you that they use them more than they would when they used to smoke cigarettes. Here are some tips to track your vaping and help you control your usage.

Difficult to Control

There are many reasons why it is difficult to control you vaping habits, they just taste so good sometimes that you get carried away on your e cig. Many smokers have now switched to e cigs to help them stop smoking traditional cigarettes but making this leap doesn’t come cheap if you constantly use them. Your e cig won’t burn out like a normal smoke, this is why so many people use them too much. If you’re a beginner to e cigs and you’ve bought a new product off a site such as Try to control your usage by realising you are not using a traditional smoke anymore. If you want to manage your vaping, consider these essential tips.

Give Yourself a Limit

There are many ways to control your vaping, one of them is to give yourself a limit and try to stick to it. Although it may sound difficult, with a little willpower you should have no problem doing it. Try to give yourself 3 or 4 puffs on the e cig and that’s it. We all know limiting your usage is no fun when you’re enjoying yourself, but too much of a good thing can soon become a bad thing. Give yourself something to look forward to later by restricting how much puffs you can take in one go.

You could also restrict your usage to one cartridge, this will help you control your usage and save you some money. If you go through your cartridges too quick, you’ll end up paying a lot more than you wished to vape. We understand that controlling your vaping can be a challenge, but a little moderation never hurt anyone.

Consider the Cost

If like most people you’ve decided to vape because it is healthier and cheaper, then don’t get carried away with usage. If you go overboard on your cartridge, it will soon burn out. You are sabotaging your own efforts by not managing your usage.

Change the Flavour

If you are addicted to one type of flavour and it is costing you to vape heavily, why not try another one? If you vape more with a specific flavour, try switching it up to see how that goes.

We know that trying to control your vaping is a challenge, but you must learn to manage your usage. If you are finding it difficult, you should try to change your nicotine strength. A lighter brand may curb your enthusiasm and allow you to take control of your vaping. Keeping your pleasure under control is all about taking back the power and using techniques that work.

Post Author: Aylin Hugo